There are a lot of things a human faces on this earth, no matter the gender; male or female its all the same but different circumstances. Our circumstances are just the major difference but i tell you the main way out of them is the way we handle the issues with our brains, our minds.

I once had mindset  issues, i still do but then i keep learning everyday, i always bear in mind a phrase i read in a book that says “the spectacle you wear is the way you see things” that simply means that if you keep on looking at a situation without viewing positivity in such a vision then that is how things are going to turn out for you and that is the only way you get to look at issues….. with no positive outcome.

There’s always a way out of things , issues , good or bad , there’s always an exit.. its either you step through the door or just sit back and watch it or even ignore it . The choice is yours.

I would like to say that we should all start thinking outside the box of our thoughts, if it be environmental inputs, look way beyond what you have being taught, most of your life and start seeking new knowledge, research more and seek more knowledge with an open mind.

Love, Catalyst