Its a new day introducing a new organization. Having with me right here and now is a representative of an organization called Deranged Family.

Cat: Good afternoon Leo!

Leo: Good Cat!

Cat: So lets go straight to the point…Tell us About Deranged Family

Leo: Deranged Family is an organization focused on career development and Management. We develop individuals with sustainable career and talent choice, we also manage their individual business growth for better achievements and progress monitoring.

We offer services to individuals and organizations as well. Our services include: Artiste Stage performance, Artiste collaboration, Music production, Singles & Album cover makings, Dance, Dj services, Photography services of any occasion, (magazine, billboard and media cover model shots), Fashion styling, Graphic designing, Web development and designing, Event organizing, Social media promotion and Airline ticketing & reservations

Cat: Wow!! That’s amazing

Leo: Thank you

Cat: So what’s market outreach like?

Leo: We are targeting youths with the drive to learn, sacrifice and are determined to make their life goals a reality. Our service targets the various people of the country within and outside the nation.

Cat: That’s insightful

Leo: Thank you

Cat: So what are some of the requirements for membership?

Leo: There are not requirements but basically you should be determined and ready to listen and take heed to instructions; be able to meet up with business deadlines, be up and doing, be creative, you should be able to meet up with the bills charged at you from time to time. That’s all for now

Cat: Great! So  for everyone one out there i charge you to join Deranged Family

Leo: Oh yes! not forgetting our media handles and contact listing

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Thank you fellow Ghanaian Youths !!!!! Have a wonderful day