I registered on an ebook mobile application platform and this platform helped me realize things and see things that are still being done by silly immature youths. I came up with “Anti-Bullying” because I had that nudge to write on it.

The term “Bullying” means the act of intimidating a weaker person to make them do something against their will.
The verb of “Bullying” is “Bully”. Now to bully means either to be bossy towards others or discourage or frighten with threats or a domineering manner thus intimidation

Why I wrote this post was because I realized that some percentage of the writers on the platform who are youths in either, high school or college get bullied in their schools day-in day-out and turn to the platform to find solace in their writings. They even turn to be amazing upcoming authors. Now for me, I find a whole lot of things wrong with this act.
Bullying a person has its effect on the victim, bullying sometimes lead to
1. Suicide commission
2. Reduction of ones self-esteem
3. Abuse of the mind and body
4. Living in constant fear among peers
5. Living with the “let me get through this day quickly and get out of here” mindset once in school
And many more that victims to this act can testify to.

Now I want to make this very clear to any BULLY, JERK, QUEEN BEE, RICH FOLKS, HIGH STANDARD OF LIVING FOLK OR WHOEVER. Listen and listen good or should I say read and read well.
The people you meet day-in day-out to intimidate to make yourself happy or fulfilled are just like YOU. Yes! They are human beings like YOU! They might not be living the lifestyle you are living on the outside but on the inside, in the comfort of your home you have problems just like they do, you have hidden issues within you. Keeping to the status quo is a lame thing to do. What happen to union. One thing you should learn and know is that a human being can’t know it all that is why we are different in our ways, lifestyle and gifts. We are made to balance the life cycle. Help a fellow human when needed and mind you that fellow human might not be your blood but is your brother or sister because we were all made by God the creator from dust and to dust we shall return to. School was a luxury provided by the ancestors that knew the essence of education. We are all enrolled into school to study and learn things we have no idea of, to become people in the society creating impacts to other people. Not intimidate others.

Ask yourself this question…… what if things change for me and I become a person striving to survive and the one I have bullied for years or months meets up with me by coincidence and my fate lies in his or her decision, what would he or she do? Reject me as a form of revenge for my deeds in the past or accept me in a form of pity or forgiveness to go a mile ahead for myself?

Change your ways whether you are a young person or an adult because life changes hands at different times and being there for a brother or sister or doing good has its reward for you. Don’t ever do good and expect a reward from the same person you did it to. The reward sometimes doesn’t come from them but unidentified individuals and in greater measures.

To the VICTIMS, life doesn’t give you what you want, you have to work for it; no matter how hard or how many times you face those trials. Things would come your way to break you down but know one thing you are destined for better things and a good satisfying lifestyle though you can’t see it now or experience it now. You are meant to have your happy times, sad times, stressed times, disappointed times and so on but in the end of it all you are supposed to bounce back stringer with the new lesson and experience you face.
In all things you are meant to stay strong even when you face being bullied gather up your inner courage and stand up for yourself and I know you read my message to the bullys but again you are as human as they are.
1. They have no hold on you.
2. Be who you really are on the inside.
3. Stand up for yourself.
4. Don’t let anyone dim your light.
5. Increase your self-esteem and increase your self-worth
6. Boost your confidence level
7. Do things that make you live again
8. Make a bucket list of things you want to do
9. Make a list of things you want to change in your life to make it awesome but let it be good things don’t do any wrong and nasty stuff because you know the rights from wrong and you know what the BIBLE says
10. Appearance matters so with your little or much clothes and shoes, make the most of your appearance
11. Eat well even without 3 square meals you can still keep fit.
12. Work hard
13. Be aimed at being a positive impact on the society around you

YOU ARE WORTH EVERY SINGLE BREATHE, EVRY SINGLE DIME, EVERY SINGLE SENTENCE THAT GIVES YOU A NUDGE IN THE POSITIVE DIRECTION, EVERY SINGLE EMOTION OF LOVE, CARE, EVERY RISK DONE FOR YOU BY YOUR LOVED ONES, EVERY SACRIFICE DONE BY YOUR LOVED ONES. Dead or Alive, your loved ones have always envisioned a better life for your so make that happen even if you are living in cruelty itself. It’s a story a lesson that won’t last forever. If you are being abused either by your biological or adopted or kidnapped; you are worth more than that so get up and do something about it. There are billions of people in the world to give you the care you need biological or not. So take the reigns in seek of a greater life.
I have a whole lot to say but I want to stop here. Share this post to everyone on any platform to help a friend. The Anti-Bullying Campaign is on-going. If you are going through any difficulty you can comment on my post or email me into details via leola4u@gmail.com. It is my pleasure to help and guide you or be a friend when you seek for solace. If you are unsure of some decision just message and I would help.

Love you all, Catalyst