2016 has ended and a new year year has finally begun, we all had desires, achieved or not. we still get to move forward and do the right things and accomplish the tasks needed to be done. A new year resolution has to be set. you have to have your goal written out so as to follow through and reflect on.

We must decide our destination before we start our journey and like the saying goes, “if you do not have a target, you cannot hit one”.

What are your targets for this year?

We must have goals. Goals are powerful. They make the difference between success and failure, between wealth and poverty, and between happiness and frustration.

Without specific goals, success is impossible. This is because success is simply the accomplishment of goals. Without goals therefore, frustration, depression and discouragement set in. All the same, do not be discouraged, you will not fail, you will succeed.

God will help you to breakthrough but first, right now; I challenge you to set define goals for this year. Crystallize your dreams on paper.

Set goals for your family, for your career, your finances, your relationships, your health and most of all your spiritual life.

According to Robert Schuller; “If we fail to plan, we are planning to fail”.

This year, be assured that all will be well if you do the right thing.

PS: This message is inspired by  Pastor Sam Adeyemi