TACKLING STIGMAS THROUGH ART: One of Kirsty Latoya’s pieces

MEET KIRSTY Latoya Peters, a British creative using art to start discussions about mental health.

When the 24-year-old’s mother died earlier this year, she was offered therapy, but had been dealing with depression for many years prior.

“I went through a long stage of depression and I didn’t receive as much support for it as I thought I would, so that was a bit difficult as I had to deal with most of it on my own,” she told BuzzFeed News.

She stopped drawing following her mother’s death, but when a friend encouraged her to take up her childhood passion again, she said it became her ‘therapy’ and found it helped her deal with her own mental health.

SPEAKING OUT: Kirsty Latoya

BuzzFeed noted that according to a 2013 NHS report, African-Caribbeans in England, especially young people, are more likely to…

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