DEEP-SEATED PASSION: Designer Yinka Ilori DEEP-SEATED PASSION: Designer Yinka Ilori

MEET YINKA Ilori, the London-based furniture designer taking the industry by storm.

The 28-year-old specialises in upcycling vintage furniture, finding old chairs with weak structures.

“I love that the chairs have flaws, they come with their own character,” Yinka told WGSN/Insider.

The Product Design and Furniture graduate designed 60 chairs for Milan Fashion Week and “I sold all my work in just one year. To be doing so much so soon in my career is a massive shock to me – I’m only 28, and I feel very lucky,” he said at the recent MBO ‘Rise With Us’ business forum.

During his studies at London Metropolitan University, he was encouraged to use the Italian designer Martino Gamper (who garnered international fame through his project 100 Chairs, where he transformed 100 old and broken chairs, reviving them to new chairs in just 100 days) as inspiration.


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