WHIZZ-KID: Callum Daniel

MEET EIGHT-YEAR-OLD Callum Daniel, the London-born whizz-kid who has set up his own robotics company to share his passion with other children.

Callum will run classes through iCodeRobots teaching youngsters how to build and programme robots, something he has been learning to do since he was just four.

“I developed a fascination with robots at four, when I met Titan (a partly-mechanised costume controlled by an actor, during a show at Butlins),” Callum to the East London and West Essex Guardian.

“I wanted to find out how Titan worked and if I could build something so awesome.

“That Christmas my Mum bought me a Meccanoid G1 robot kit, which took me four weeks to build.

His project is already being backed by Loughborough University London in Stratford and the London Design and Engineering University Technical College (LDEUTC) in Docklands.

His mother, Dionne Daniel, 37, added: “Before he…

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